CommandPlugin Tutorial

The CommandPlugin is the simplest extension point for BladeRunnerJS (BRJS). As the plugin name suggests, it gives you the ability to define commands that you can execute via the brjs command in the form:

$ ./brjs <your_command_plugin_name>

A BladeRunnerJS CommandPlugin also has access to the BRJS model so have all the information you need to manipulate applications, blades and much more, along with any other functionality you wish to implement. And, of course, since you are building a plugin you can then share this functionality with other team members or the wider BRJS community.


  • Java 7
  • Eclipse IDE - used in this tutorial, but it will be easy to convert these steps to using another IDE.
  • BladeRunnerJS - of course, you'll need BladeRunnerJS installed.


This tutorial we'll introduce you to the basic concepts by creating a very simple ListAppsPlugin that lists the BRJS applications you have.

The tutorial will cover the following:

This screencast show how to:

  1. Create a BladeRunnerJS plugin project using the Plugin Project Creator
  2. Create a CommandPlugin class
  3. Deploy a plugin
  4. Parse arguments within a CommandPlugin

Although a CommandPlugin is created many of the steps are the same for other types of plugin.

Please let us know what you build via @BladeRunnerJS or by posting a BladeRunnerJS github issue.