Example BladeRunnerJS Applications

BRJS KnockoutJS Todo MVC

An example that breaks the Todo MVC KnockoutJS example down into blade components.

BRJS AngularJS Todo MVC

An example that breaks the Todo MVC AngularJS example down into Angular Directive blades.

Modular App

The Module App example is used as part of our How to Build Front-End Web Apps that Scale workshop. It demonstrates how multiple blades can be developed by different teams and brought together into an application of medium complexity. Blades don't communicate with each other directly - since BRJS enforces that. Instead the application uses two services:

  • A Chat Service for chat functionality
  • A User Service for accessing user information

The application comes with some dummy services to help with development. It also comes with implementations of the services that use Firebase for realtime synchronisation of both user information and chat messages.

BRJS Usage Dashboard

The BRJS Usage Dashboard is an application we used to track realtime usage statistics for the BladeRunnerJS toolkit. It provides a set of blades that show statistics recorded and analysed using Keen IO and updates in real-time thanks to Pusher.

You can read more about the application in the Anonymously Tracking Developer Toolkit Usage with Keen IO and Pusher blog post.